A Ripple in the Universe

Thanks to Rodrigo Favera

Thanks to Rodrigo Favera

I’m not a Ouija type of gal. I knew in all of the pre-pubescent parties that it was really my friend, Cindy,  pushing the planchette to “Yes,” when I asked if Jonathan Bell liked me. As it turns out, he did like me for a week and sat next to me in art until Melinda Crutchins made big eyes and asked him to sit with her. So long Jon.

The scientific explanation of the Ouija  is that subconsciously we wish for something, and a covert program running in the background of our thoughts helps us push the planchette to the answer we want. Drat! I always thought it was Cindy…not me!!

And then at 12:47  last night I was writing an e-mail when a friend who is dying of cancer popped into my mind. At that moment, I typed into the e-mail how selfish I was to wish my friend wouldn’t leave us and how joyous her arrival in heaven would be—where everyday is Easter.

I wasn’t with my dad when he passed from this life. I was at work.  I thought I’d know though. I figured a fragrant, pine breeze would touch my face as he stopped to say good bye, or I’d feel the earth pause in its rotation. When someone leaves  such a huge hole in the fiber of the world, how can there not be a ripple in the universe with their passing?

My daddy, an outdoorsman—not the REI type, but the Lil Abner type—asked the hospice worker to turn him on his side so he could see out the screen door. He passed with the fading afternoon, and I didn’t know until I received a phone call.  I concluded that we humans weren’t tuned into the escalator of souls coming and going.  It would be too much for our fragile senses to be jolted with every loss.

However, when I got the phone call that my friend had died around 1 this morning, I wasn’t surprised.  Actually, I felt great relief and joy that she’d made it home.  “It’s interesting,” the caller said. ” I woke up about  one this morning thinking of her.”

Like I said, I’m not a Ouija-type of gal. I think  it’s our subconscious pushing, worrying, praying even as we sleep.  I believe that our passing from this realm makes no wave.  Any ripple in the universe, is caused by the Creator—coming to carry us home.


About Barb

I escaped from a hardscrabble farm in Oklahoma. I'm not sure why people think I have an accent. I miss the sunshine, but not the fried foods.
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5 Responses to A Ripple in the Universe

  1. wildress says:

    My condolences for you and a cheer for your friend.


  2. Barb says:

    Thank you for your tender words of comfort, Auburnchick. It is a mystery why at times we feel a “passing” and sometimes we don’t. But I understand what you are saying regarding preparation. When it happens we are able to face what needs to be done next. Thanks for your kindness.


  3. Barb says:

    Thank you. It’s nice to be reminded that no matter how big the loss—-we’re never alone


  4. auburnchick says:

    I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend, although I’m sure the end came as a blessed ending to the suffering she had been going through.

    When my dad passed away unexpectedly in 2001, I knew (italicize for me, please) something had happened. I was on my way to do some mystery shopping and started feeling very, very sick. I managed to get myself feeling better but felt odd as I “shopped” for cell phones and talked about using my new phone to call my dad. Something seemed off-kilter. I got a phone call that night that he had died that afternoon while training for a triathlon…right around the time I had been feeling ill.

    I do believe that, at times, God allows us to “know” that someone we love has passed. He is the Creator, after all. He can do what He wants. I think times like this prepare us and often free us from the event that is to come.

    May you feel the Lord’s arms of comfort as you mourn the loss of your friend.


  5. Roxie says:

    Thank you. That was true and beautiful. It stinks to be the ones left behind,but God stays with us while we’re lonely.


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