When Cyberspace Goes Silent

The Old-time Gift of a Visit

Family visits are never Silent

A good friend of mine told me he hadn’t ever read this blog. He didn’t have time.

He probably doesn’t have time.  He takes care of his elderly mother 16 hours a day and works the other 8 hours.  His life is full of all the little things that make living possible.

Have you ever taken care of some one who is elderly, ill, or broken? What astounds me is how much time it takes.  Even just to visit. Or if you do a bit more, it takes even more time to  make meals, to provide transportation,  take someone on one of their many trips to the doctor.

Then I realize it’s not just the ill who might appreciate a good story or a listening ear. There are the folks who are grieving.  Others who are lonely. And doesn’t everyone have a nutty relative who needs a visit, but you have to force yourself because their house has pathways through their collective years of newspapers and magazines.and the place smells because they never open the windows?

What would happen if instead of surfing, answering e-maills, or reading blogs, folks were spending time with real people.

Wouldn’t it be great if one day cyberspace was quiet, empty, deserted….. like an abandoned world you see in sci-fi movies because everyone was busy spending “face-time” with others.

How much could we accomplish? How many wounds could we comfort? It’s something to hope for.

Who will you visit this week?


About Barb

I escaped from a hardscrabble farm in Oklahoma. I'm not sure why people think I have an accent. I miss the sunshine, but not the fried foods.
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4 Responses to When Cyberspace Goes Silent

  1. Lisa Nowak says:

    I’ve been too busy lately for the internet. I guess that means I’ve been face to face with people. Or at least their yards. 🙂


  2. Alice Lynn says:

    You’re always pitching us a challenge. I like to think that I’m in favor of the face-to-face visits or at least a real, honest-to-gosh telephone conversation; no twitters, texts, or facebooks to separate ourselves from on-the-spot responses. But I do email—a lot! On the plus side, I also write snail-mail. Now I have to get in gear and see what I can do in the real world of people meeting people. No I won’t hyphenate that since I suspect I’ve fallen into a hypenated black hole.


  3. digipicsphotography says:

    I “visit” with the elderly almost every night I go to work and I can tell you sometimes it is definitely a challenge. Of course, the hugs and kisses and “I love you” are worth all the problems that comes with taking care of these folks whose maladies make it impossible for them to be cared for at home.


  4. Roxie says:

    A call to action? Geeze Barb, you mean I have to put my good intentions into ACTION? OK. I’ll let God work through me, since I can’t possibly fill the particular bottomless pit of need by myself.


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