Well, This is a fine Pickle…

A situation was brought up during last week’s experiment on choices of kindess; I’m changing it a bit to give it more drama and heavier moral implications (which makes choice harder)

It’s the kind of problem that makes us scratch our heads and really ponder before taking action:

It’s the kind of problem a writer likes to throw in a story to incite readers with the same choice I’m giving you:   What would you do?

You spot a friend’s husband having dinner at a restaurant with another woman.  You know your friend is out of town.

Do you:

  • mention it to the friend when she gets back?
  • mind your own business?
  • there’s a third option here, but I think I’d rather hear what you have to suggest. Let’s leave shotguns and tigertraps out of it.

Have fun.


About Barb

I escaped from a hardscrabble farm in Oklahoma. I'm not sure why people think I have an accent. I miss the sunshine, but not the fried foods.
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6 Responses to Well, This is a fine Pickle…

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  2. SusanLS says:

    I, too, would assume innocence. Being active both in my profession and my church, I frequently have lunch, dinner, coffee, whatever with folks I have to meet with. It’s so much more fun than just having a meeting.I also have a HUGE family thanks to Jenny, and would love to go to dinner with any of my brothers-in-law. Jenny doesn’t care. She does the same. If there is trust in the couple’s relationship it won’t matter. If there isn’t, the fact that he’s out with another woman isn’t going to matter much anyway, innocent or not. I would not interfere at all.


  3. digipicsphotography says:

    I’m not the suspicious type and would assume it was innocent. I tend to think most people are honest and loyal. When I am “hit in the face” with someone who isn’t, I’m usually very surprised because I never suspected them to be.
    So “NO” I wouldn’t say anything. In fact, I’d probably forget all about it.


  4. Rose Lefebvre says:

    I would walk over and say, “Hi Tom! How is Chloe enjoying her trip?”
    Then if he doesn’t introduce HER, I would say, “Oh, I am so sorry. I should introduce myself. I am Rose, a CLOSE friend of his wife, Chloe. Do you work with Tom?”
    If he did introduce her himself, and did not seem nervous or rattled, then I would not think much of it.
    Parting could be, “Tell Chloe to call me when she gets home.” If he is worried, he will become nervous about why you want Chloe to call and probably fess up if there is anything. I think.
    When Chloe comes home, and has not called, you can always say, “Did Tom tell you I ran into him at the restaurant?” If she says he did and talks about it, it was all innocent.
    I am not sure I would drop the news of the other woman right away. But I would be prepared if I had further suspicions, especially if it was a very close friend.


  5. Lisa Nowak says:

    Well, there’s always the possibility that it’s completely innocent. That the woman is his sister, or someone his boss asked him to show around the city. It’s also possible that his wife knows and he’s out with her blessing. Before any action is taken, it’s probably best to have all the facts.

    But to tell the truth, I probably wouldn’t do anything because I’m a complete coward. Unless it was obvious blatant cheating, and the friend was a very close one


  6. Roxie says:

    Walk up to him and say, “Hi John! Is this Mary, your wife’s sister?” Now the ball is in his court. AND, the woman knows he’s married to someone with interfering friends. Read the faces, watch the body language. Maybe it IS Mary.

    It depends so much on what you know of the couple and their relationship. Maybe he’s a thoroughgoing asshat, and she would be better off without him. Maybe she’s a harpy and you can understand why he might slip the bonds when he can. Do they have kids? Has the wife wept on your shoulder? Could this be a perfectly legitimate and guilt-free dinner? (I have breakfast with other men now and then, and Kyle cheerfully endorses it. It’s all about love for old friends and nothing to do with sex.)

    I remember one time when my mom was staying at the beach, and her sis called to say, “Your husband’s driving around town with a really ugly woman!” The next day she called and said, “Does your husband let his bird dog sit in the front seat of his Cadilac?”


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