Life’s Dunkings

The Genius of Terry Border

Last night, I completed a year long commitment as leader of a non-profit organization.

Over a year ago,  before I was elected to lead,  I thought I had some postive qualities.  I was a good cupcake.  I contained a decent center and well-frosted brain.

That was before I discovered that working in a volunteer organization means people are over-busy.  Many things have-and-will slip(ped) off the ol’ baking sheet and through the cracks.

It was before I learned that in order to lead people, you have to get in the mixing bowl, break eggs,  stir harder and longer than others, and do work no one wants to do. (And there’s a lot of clean up.)

I’ve almost  learned to wait before speaking.  Not to make quick decisions without gathering facts.  To cherish those who willingly volunteer. To look past the frosting and seek  what makes each person who they are.

In working with other cupcakes, I found my own center had  air pockets.  I’d puffed up  in some areas and was vacant in others.

There were plenty of times, I talked to the Creator.  Mostly questions like: ” Why?  Why? Why? Why?”and “I’ts too hot in here.!!!”

I believe that C.S. Lewis was right: “All day long we are helping each other toward either immortal horror or everlasting splendor.”

And when I saw Border’s delightful picture, I realized working with others is a process like changing batter into cupcake. Even being turned upside down and dunked in life’s nitty gritty adorns us.

My term is over. It was a great privilege.  My hope is that I remember each brush against another life is an opportunity to dot  each other with splendor.

About Barb

I escaped from a hardscrabble farm in Oklahoma. I'm not sure why people think I have an accent. I miss the sunshine, but not the fried foods.
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6 Responses to Life’s Dunkings

  1. Let’s here it for dotting each other with splendor!!!

    I recently discovered Terry Border too–isn’t his stuff amazing? Here’s the link for anyone who hasn’t already stumbled onto it:


  2. Orice Klaas says:

    A perfect metaphor for the volunteer experience. Love your article!


  3. Kat Juniper says:

    Ah, you have such a good way with words. I always look forward to reading what you write. You exude a positive energy that was, I’m sure, a great help and inspiration to the others at the organization, whether you realize it or not.


  4. Beth says:

    It probably seemed like a really long year when you were in it, but now as you look back, you’ll see it was full and went as fast as all the years nowadays. Hope to see more of you now. Beth


  5. momaescriva says:

    Clever done and well said. Thank you Barb!


  6. Alice Lynn says:

    Now I know why I’ve never run for office or wanted to be President. Thanks for clarifying the nitty-gritty details professional politicians ‘veneer’ away. But congratulations on staying the course and welcome back. I’ve missed you, busy lady. PS love the CS Lewis quote! Remarks like that lift you up by the bootstraps.


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