Toilet Bowl Customs Vary

Great Piles of Porcelain Thrones!!!

Who would’ve thought the last post would be so packed with helpful tidbits of toilet usage, and other useful crap?

It seems that a lot of you take toilet bowl sanitation as serious part of personal hygiene.  This explains why some people refuse to use any “seat” other than their own loo with its familiarity and hometown advantage.

Sooo…for you travelers who are willing to pose on a new fixture, check out your local restaurants. On our latest visit to our favorite Thai Hole-In-The-Wall eatery, I made sure I followed all the sanitation rules.

Well, perhaps different cultures have different customs, but it’s all about hygiene isn’t it?  I dutifully followed instructions.

Perhaps this isn’t such a bad technique?

1)In addition to your hands, it cleans the toilet bowl, cutting down on those wildly flagrant custodial bills.

2) It provides a great opportunity to soap up that germy handle. (Might as well stroll over and soap up the door handle to get that clean too…you know how some are.

3) And why not lather up the toilet seat just for laughs, then stand outside the door and listen as the next customer goes in for a slip-n-slide ride?

Hoo Boy!!! And we were going to the restaurant just for the food.  Who knew the restroom was an additional attraction?

On our next visit, we’ll discover how to use that handy handrail BEHIND the toilet.

About Barb

I escaped from a hardscrabble farm in Oklahoma. I'm not sure why people think I have an accent. I miss the sunshine, but not the fried foods.
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3 Responses to Toilet Bowl Customs Vary

  1. HA!
    Looks like you’re moving in on Murrmurr’s toilet turf–dueling bathroom blogs!
    I’m with Roxie–the photo is priceless.


  2. roxie says:

    Love the photo! Who was in the loo with you to be your pooperazzi?

    And, by the way, just between us, which local eatery was that? So I can avoid eating there.


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