Change: The Race Car of Marketing Techniques

Hello My Friends,

It’s been a while.

I’ve whiffled away the days: celebrating holidays, assaying my life like a prospector

My Assistants, Mr. Turkey Vulture, Mr Hip Pastry Flour, and Lambie prefer to make their own gamepieces.

My Assistants, Mr. Turkey Vulture, Mr Hip Pastry Flour, and Lambie prefer to make their own game pieces.

looking for gems, and writing the final chapters of another book. The holidays are over. The editors have the manuscript, (hooray), and I discovered I had some interesting attitudes about change…the one constant in our lives.

My bloggy staff and I were having our annual strategic planning session. We played games as we threw around ideas and wrestled with the new direction this blog should twist.

  • Plan A: Only post once a month. Use the extra time to eat, drink and rabble rouse
  • Plan B: Get new assistants
  • Plan C:  Well….we were working on Plan C when we received the news.

Hasbro Will Axe One of the Monopoly pieces

Is nothing sacred? Was Scottie dog chewing the Shoe? Was the Top hat politically incorrect?  NO!

“Why then why the change??”

BloodIs it fair that future generations will loose that sweet childhood memory of giving your brother a bloody nose while fighting over who gets the race car?

This inexplicable change has occurred for the same reason that:

  • M & Ms messed with the colors (Good-bye violet)
  • Kellogg overhauled cornflakes. (Same flake, but now they’re “Special” and a weight loss aid)
  • Pepsi brought back a 1970s retro can touting “real sugar” not corn syrup.

Change Sells sells stuff.

Sigh….If you want to help Hasbro sell more stuff, you can go to their website and vote on which game piece will be given the pink slip and collect unemployment. (I’m not giving you the link. I’m in a snarly mood about it. Go look it up yourself. [Odds are running 2:1 the wheelbarrow will be the big loser, in case you want to call your bookie.])

Then I realized: whichever icon lost the game piece war, would become extinct and ebay saleable, right? If stuff is going to change…it might as well profit me.

I dug through our closet booby-trapped with obsolete games. (Just like you’ll probably do after you finish reading this blog) I hauled out our stained, broken-box, Monopoly set that hasn’t seen action for 15 years. Only three of the original five game pieces remain. I’m pretty sure the button isn’t an original piece.

Turns out the thimble is a real one that I’ve been missing for 15 years.IMG_2102

The dog,  top hat, and shoe icons have survived.

And the race car?  I bet it’s hiding, forgotten in a childhood treasure box in my brother’s bottom drawer…along with sweet justice for a bloody nose.

Smiley     Some things don’t change.

About Barb

I escaped from a hardscrabble farm in Oklahoma. I'm not sure why people think I have an accent. I miss the sunshine, but not the fried foods.
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48 Responses to Change: The Race Car of Marketing Techniques

  1. Al says:

    I think they should trade the pieces with the ones from Clue. Just imagine….”it was Colonel Mustard in the library with the Scottie”

  2. pegoleg says:

    “the broken Monopoly box” – I thought I was the only one! We still have all those old games that nobody plays, their boxes crushed in and taped at the corners. Can’t get rid of them because that would be admitting that we will never have family game night now, especially since the kids are out of the house.

    I’m with you on this change- I don’t like it, grumble, grumble.

  3. Nisha says:

    I have a feeling the thimble will get the axe. Nobody chooses the thimble.

    But I don’t understand, instead of getting rid of the piece/s why don’t they do what a lot of companies do and MODIFY the products, you know, UPGRADE, get with the times. Change the racecar to a Ferrari, the thimble into an actual sewing machine, the boot to a stiletto and the top hat to a woollen hoodie. Imagine how fun the game would be then? Little boys will be punching each other to be the sewing machine, I assure you…

  4. Sad. Kicked to the curb. Monopoly is my least favorite game because the person who first taught me how to play it gloated as I went bankrupt. May the same fate not happen to the soon-to-be unemployed game piece.

    • Barb says:

      Yes, those Monopoly Gloaters can be a cruel bunch, but rest assured…everyone gets trounced at Monopoly at some time or another (unless they cheat like a bandit). Think of it this way: Look at all the hours you saved not passing “Go”, or collecting “$200 which would’ve been taken from you on the next roll.

  5. Margie says:

    So who drinks the red wine – you or Mr. Pastry Flour?

  6. Sandi isn’t the only one. I have ALWAYS hated that game. Didn’t like it when I was a kid, and didn’t enjoy it when our kids were growing up, either. I’d be a “sport” and play when everybody else wanted to, but I wasn’t at all unhappy to be the first one eliminated from the game. (teehee) “Oh, darn… well, I’ll just sit over here with a cup of tea and the newspaper…”

    • Barb says:

      I’m with you Susan…okay.. I’m wondering….DOES ANYBODY LIKE this game, if not….how did it stay around so long. Tradition? Cultural immersion lessons? Therapy…(we learn who the greedy so-and-sos are in our families?)

  7. Alice Lynn says:

    Why can’t they leave well enough alone? What next? Tear down Constitution Hall and replace it with a more up-to-date design? I remember my brother always got first pick so, being only the two of us, I probably had the dog. And I always lost.

    • Barb says:

      When was the last time you played Monopoly? I can’t remember either….
      When I google “Monopoly game piece”, I find 4,300+ hits and entries from every newspaper and TV. It’s inexpensive publicity for a game most of us haven’t even looked at in 10 years. Pretty smart. Almost as smart as “two scoops of raisins” in the Raisin Bran campaign. (Maybe they’ll update Constitution Hall with Wi, so we can virtually visit and walk around?)

  8. I would wager it’ll be the iron that goes. Feminism and all that ya know.

  9. Jon says:

    I heard on the radio it would be the iron. I always thought the handle was handy.

  10. Kyle Matthews says:

    The little ceramic trinkets from the RedRose tea boxes make great game pieces,too. They don’t have those anymore. More change. Sigh.

    The older I gt, the more things ain’t as good as they usta be.

    • Barb says:

      I LOOOOOVE those pieces. Do they still do that? I was all excited last week because I bought a box of Celestial tea and it contained a “vintage tea tin”. Well….it looked the same as an Altoid mint tin (just different writing). Oh well, I guess I’m supposed to carry some tea bags in the tin and ask for free hot water in restaurants.
      Hey, it’s very nice that you stopped by to comment. Thanks.

  11. Shocking news, Barb. In this situation, there are many repercussions. If the wheelbarrow does go (poor wheelbarrow!), that means fewer players will be able to play, which means the games will not be as long, Disgruntled ex-Monopoly players will take to the streets in their thousands, causing congestion and traffic jams everywhere. Journeys will become longer, petrol filling station forecourts will always be full causing fluctuations in oil prices worldwide. The economy will go further into turmoil than it currently is, and folk will need to buy proper wheelbarrows to haul their worthless cash around to buy a loaf of bread. And if the boot goes (poor boot), well…

    • Barb says:

      er….uh…sorry, Tom…er…I didn’t include the whole story. They’re kicking one piece and adding 4 new pieces to bring the icons to a total of 8. But…still…I think your predictive analysis is accurate and worthy of a documentary.

  12. Rose L. says:

    Hmmm…it is 1:30 am January 12 and I just got the email 17 minutes ago saying you posted. So how did so many respond already!! Geesh.
    Change…sometimes it comes in like a dust bunny scooting across the floor, hardly noticeable. Other times, it is like a tree falling on you. I have had too many falling trees of late. It is so scary to face change. I wish I could just have someone else take care of all the new things I must face, all the changes. It would be so much easier.

    • Barb says:

      I hear ya, Rose. I’m glad you said something about email timing. I posted around 2:30 pm on the 11th. I don’t know when emails go out, but I find the same thing…when i arrive at a site 400 people have been there before me. The email carrier pigeons must be getting older and slower?

  13. I always had the wheelbarrow. Hiss and spit. And spit and hiss. Is nothing sacred?
    Which blogging plan are you going to adopt? Whichever plan, do not leave us all together. Please. Pretty please.

    • Barb says:

      Sue, I’ve been thinking of you lately. I hope all is well. I will be posting less, and hoping that it will free up more space in your InBox for those Vitamin and Viagra emails.

      I hope you kept a wheelbarrow game piece for old times sake, because I think it will get the boot soon.

      • That is an appalling pun. You should be ashamed. I hope you are ashamed. We are about to enter another round of medical mayhem, but I probably don’t have anything better to do – just lots of things I would rather do.

  14. souldipper says:

    Good to find you here again, Barb. I miss ya. There’s this whole family we’ve built…!

    I’m with Ms Sandi…I avoided playing this endless game. I learned strategy because of it…how to distract people into playing more active, shorter games!

    • Barb says:

      So….I’m sure we’d all like to learn your tricks. The only strategy I know is to steal your opponents’ money when they aren’t looking so they run out faster. Do any of your techniques involve going to the kitchen for food and never comimg back?

  15. Wait, wait, I’m so confused!! What book?? You have a book coming out?? Sorry I fell behind. Please bring me up-to-date!!! Margie

    • Barb says:

      I don’t really talk much about my books on this post. This is my personal-let-my-hair-down community. I write under a psuedonym and have a different site for the book related stuff. If the suspense is killing you, email me and I’ll share the link with you. But if you havent seen me post in a while… assured that I’m making stuff up or doing research. The last research invoved setting things on fire in a bar.(..and I wasn’t drinking) .

  16. This is a winner. Don’t give up on your blogging. It’s good. Congrats on finishing the book.

    • Barb says:

      Didn’t you finish another one, too.
      Here’s the thing about blogging: it takes soooooo much time. But I miss the community, so I’m trying to find a happy workaround. I’ll fumble around for a while until I figure it out.

  17. Sandi Ormsby says:

    I’ve always hated this game. It takes forever, I’m extremly bad at it, because it ends up taking too long and boring me. I seem to be the only person that feels this way. What, I landed on your motel again,okay, here. Let me give you the last few dollars too, I’m out.

  18. JSD says:

    My grandkids still play with the beaten-up, broken-boxed Monopoly set that their dads played with when they were little. Yes, I will dig it out just to make sure…and maybe put it with my other ‘collectibles’ to sell off so I don’t fall into the ‘bag lady’ mode. Hmmm, I wonder if our old Parcheesi game will fall to the same fate. 🙂

    • Barb says:

      Nah…..I doubt if anyone ever got punched in the nose because they had to take the yellow Parchesi piece instead of the green. You make me want to dig out my Parcheesi set and see if there are any peces the dog didn’t eat or gnaw on.

  19. Elyse says:

    OH my, Barb. Change Monopoly? I mean besides making 4,328 different versions of the game from Star Wars to the Brady Bunch.

    I think the wheelbarrow is history. My husband thinks it will be the battleship.

  20. Helen says:

    I’m betting the wheelbarrow comes in at least 2nd in the last lap.

    • Barb says:

      Helen, honey, the inside betting skinny is that most players don’t like the wheel barrow because it is “board unstable”. Which means it’s constantly falling over like a drunken tycoon, even when it’s not sitting in jail. And it’s empty!! What’s with that? I suppose it was meant to cart load of money instead of BS. Perhaps we should get up a movement to “Save the Barrow.” (I sure ain’t saving any iron!!)

  21. magsx2 says:

    It is a shame they are going to change one of the pieces, it will be interesting to see which one gets thrown out and what is going to take it’s place.
    Are you sure about the button? It looks right🙂 A good work around for whoever thought of it, and that goes for the thimble as well.

    Welcome back and rabble rousing sounds like a lot of fun to me.😀

    • Barb says:

      I was too lazy to copy off a picture of the new icons. There’s a kitty cat, a robot…none of me our you, though. What’s up with that?

  22. El Guapo says:

    My dad still has the set they had when I was growing up – with painted wooden pieces.
    Kids today have it too easy!

    Great to see you, and as long as whatever the change is, you keep posting from time to time,I’m cool with that.

    • Barb says:

      Oh…Guapsterola-rola… so good to hear from you. Are you sure you dad didn’t just whittle those pieces? Check to see if his Chance and Community Chest cards have pictures of “Rich Uncle Pennybags.” The cards were plain before 1936.

  23. Red says:

    We got Dogopoly for Cmas. It has none of those. Just little stand up tower tokens. Already. Meh.

    Glad to see you. While I would love more than once per month, I will go with Plan A because it includes rabble rousing. I like stirring up the rabble, as it were.

    Smooches and {HUGZ}

    • Barb says:

      Is Dogopoly fun? It looked like it would be. Why not substitute the game pieces with your favorite (rock, button, fingernail clipping, play dough sculpture, etc)? I use a different token to play Life because I don’t want to haul all those kids around in the back seat. What’s LIFE if you can’t mess with it? Smooches and hugz right back atcha!

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