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Septic Tanks for Dogs and Other Things I Didn’t Know I Should Be Grateful For

Maybe it’s because ol’ Fido is now guarding the golden gates.  That’s the excuse I’m using for not knowing about Doggie Septic tanks. This handy dandy Do-It-Yourself project allows you to bury a vat in a corner of your yard. … Continue reading

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Leaking Music from the Past

Why were moans leaking from audience? The people swayed as though in the clutches of a romantic experience. For pete’s sake, these were folks speckled with gray hair and combed with wrinkles. They said…it was actually the music that was … Continue reading

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How I Became a Crappy Scammer

I smugly did a good deed this past week, righteously patting my self-anointed back and giving myself three good-karma points redeemable for honking at mindless parking lot idiots aimlessly wandering down the middle of the street and chatting when I’m … Continue reading

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FREE: A word that doesn’t change.

There’s a story behind the Two Pan’s Needles, Dogs, and Secrets posted last week. It surprised the woofers out of me to discover that sewing needles were a precious commodity in the newly opened Western territories. It was easier to … Continue reading

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Grinding with Water of the Past

The heartbeat of the past goes….Click…tick…click.  The sound echoes around the work room. It’s the steady pulse of a contraption called a damsel which shakes a few grains of wheat into the eye of the mill’s grinding stones. A water … Continue reading

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Things I Said Goodbye to in September

It takes all summer to squeeze a tomato out of bush here in Oregon.  I’m hoping for an Indian summer, but without it…so long mater crop. Picking blackberries growing in matted, skyscraping mounds along most roads in Oregon is a … Continue reading

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Most families cement their bonds by creating rituals. I have a friend whose entire family returns to Oklahoma State University on the eve of the HomeComing Game. They fly or drive, bringing kids and grandkids to watch the parade, walk … Continue reading

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Life’s Dunkings

Last night, I completed a year long commitment as leader of a non-profit organization. Over a year ago,  before I was elected to lead,  I thought I had some postive qualities.  I was a good cupcake.  I contained a decent … Continue reading

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Writing Characters’ Secrets

  Great picture, huh? But it’s the story that takes you one step deeper in meaning…. When a 91-year-old, Hungarian-born grandmother was feeling lonely and depressed, her grandson, French photographer, Sacha Goldberger,  suggested they take some fun photos. I suggest … Continue reading

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It was Memorial Day. We stopped by the Mausoleum to see the sequestered room that’s only open to the public one time each year. Two stone sepulchers filled the marble room. One unopened rose leaned wearily in its vase, semi-hidden … Continue reading

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