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Flying A Drone. It’s Way Harder Than It Looks

My shortcut through our community college, revealed 6 people standing on the baseball field 10 feet apart. They flew drones to the outfield, then back. This was a class in Wilderness Firefighting.  Here in Oregon, aerial surveillance can be a … Continue reading

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Change Your Mood With the Right Shoes

There is a gumpy little saying cruising the internet. It’s all over facebook, adorned with rainbows or kittens. To be a rebel, I’m attaching my saddle oxfords to it…or I would if I had any. First…the saying. If you are … Continue reading

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Change: The Race Car of Marketing Techniques

Hello My Friends, It’s been a while. I’ve whiffled away the days: celebrating holidays, assaying my life like a prospector looking for gems, and writing the final chapters of another book. The holidays are over. The editors have the manuscript, … Continue reading

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The Best Snow Man in the World

I don’t usually enter contests, but it’s all about change…and it’s a new year…so…I’ve entered the Great American Snowman Contest. We’re supposed to use materials in our area. (Rules..schmools…I really didn’t read them closely.) I’m too much of a slacker … Continue reading

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Statues Come Alive

I’m guessing the statues in my yard come alive at night. These two are probably the queen and king because they’re so very old. They’ve spanned 3 generations of humans. They don’t have names, but for this blog, we’ll call … Continue reading

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Choices: I Ear You

Here’s the thing I’ve noticed about kindnesses. I’m more inspired by what you all have told me you’ve done, than my own drops in the bucket of good will. It seems that several of you have offered your time and … Continue reading

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No Hope in Reusable Grocery Bags

I know some of you come here for your zen moment. And I apologize in advance that it’s not going to happen with this posting.  If you need a positive moment, maybe you should go over to Laid Off Now … Continue reading

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Dogs Waiting With Cats

Even in the midst of crummy news, there are things to smile about. Miss Kitty has a growth on the side of her mouth. It doesn’t seem to bother her a bit. She still presents mice at the back door … Continue reading

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Hope is a Fuzzy Kitten

I think it’s no mistake that all babies (except maybe spider babies) are cute. Even piggy babies are cute. But for HOPE on a dark night??   Nothing beats a kitten.  Purrrrrrrrrr

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