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Can’t See The Light   

I have a trick to keep me buoyed during this dark time of season. I cut off the tops of onions (just the green parts) and use them in stews and tummy-warming casseroles. Then I stick the bulbs in about … Continue reading

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A Tube of Tea, please?

I don’t get it. You’re going to have to explain it to me. Sure, sure, when it comes to a hot day on the beach nothing’s better than a cooler of drinks. You’ll find me head down, bottom up, clawing … Continue reading

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Tongue Spam: Eating Everything But the Moo!

While doing research , I ran across an old black and white magazine ad for SPAM.  In the Hormel line-up was Tongue Spam. Unfortunately, I can’t find the ad again in the internet maze, but it brought back a shadowy … Continue reading

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Septic Tanks for Dogs and Other Things I Didn’t Know I Should Be Grateful For

Maybe it’s because ol’ Fido is now guarding the golden gates.  That’s the excuse I’m using for not knowing about Doggie Septic tanks. This handy dandy Do-It-Yourself project allows you to bury a vat in a corner of your yard. … Continue reading

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You know how I love change, (cough, cough).  The Exhaust Burger Dinner will change every busy man or woman’s life.  And just in time for that office-party-gift-exchange you must participate in or else be branded the proverbial “doglog” in the … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Cooking Made Easy

After my last post (or the lack of it), it became clear, I needed new assistants. Fortunately Spectra saved the day by sending me one of her best employees as a prize in her Best Snow Man Ever Contest. Little … Continue reading

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