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Can’t See The Light   

I have a trick to keep me buoyed during this dark time of season. I cut off the tops of onions (just the green parts) and use them in stews and tummy-warming casseroles. Then I stick the bulbs in about … Continue reading

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Hard Candy Christmas

I’m William Woolsey. Silky Sue, owner of the Salt Lick Saloon came to me with a proposition, I tried to be civil. I told her there were other men in town who’d be her freighter. But she didn’t want miners … Continue reading

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Prison Camps for Trees

For those of you who don’t live in the watery northwest, you’re probably unaware of the prison camps we keep for trees. Let’s look at Herbert.  As a small sapling he was overjoyed to have his feet stuck in mother … Continue reading

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Tell Your Technicolor story. We’ll listen

When you think of it, stories were our main entertainment when we were little. I didn’t have the kind of parents who read me bedtime stories. Now that I think about it, I don’t remember ever seeing my mother or … Continue reading

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Life in the Basement or Life On the Roof?

The Good ol’ Basement I hate to admit that I sometimes find myself in the basement—but I do. Things don’t meet my expectations and I pace  the mental darkness of my emotional cellar. When I’m there, I notice that my … Continue reading

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Where’s the Light in the Dark Days Ahead?

Aaaaah February. If there’s a month that I feel like hibernating…it’s February. The big holidays are over. Orion’s riding silently through the night sky. Spring is still asleep underground. So tonight I’ll explore where I see light in the days … Continue reading

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Hope is Chuck Norris

Okay, It’s time for a smile or two. I recently conducted a survey among my Scout Troop, asking the boys the following question: In a fight between Jack Bauer and Walker, Texas Ranger who would win? 99% went with Chuck. … Continue reading

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Why You Should Look for Lights

One adventursome day, my son and I packed our backpacks and decided that we’d hike the 40 miles around Mt. Hood. We pitched our tents the first night at a beautiful place, Paradise Park, on the shin of the mountain, … Continue reading

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What’s Your Favorite Quote of Hope?

Words of Light: It’s hard for the gang members of worry to linger in the well lit places of my mind. Whether you use the Bible, inspirational quotes, or Dave Barry, fill your thoughts with hope. My favorite is: Who … Continue reading

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