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Clothing for Hot flashes

It’s Monday. Time to slip on your hot flash jacket, and head back to work. Like a female pine cone squeezing its scales with humidity,  (yes, pine cones have gender) fabric woven with chemistry and British  voodoo will react to … Continue reading

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Before Morning Breaks Considers Changing Buttletts

Here’s a “change” that deserves more than a squint-eyed look. In the late 60s women burned their bras.  In the 70s we cut the aprons tying us to the kitchen. By the 80s we stopped trying to tuck in our … Continue reading

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Lace Up Your Corsets…Here Come the Drunks

No job opportunities exist for Violet Spinrad in 1870—that’s about to change. (We hate change.) I didn’t know what to do, but I needed money. I’d heard Silky Sue, had built a house next to her saloon.  I left 14-year-old, … Continue reading

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Remedies to Forget

Patricia Woolsey WANTS a remedy for the 1870s It’s hard to change an empire when you’re stuck in the house. The Daughters of Two Pan marched in front of the whore house and saloon, but we scattered like twit sparrows … Continue reading

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Maybe I Remember Pong. Who’s Asking?

Recently, while shopping for skulls, I made an amazing discovery—my brain wouldn’t fit in the new skulls. You’ll remember I needed a new skull because my sinuses seemed to have filled up or caved in on the old model.  As … Continue reading

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5 Steps to Healthy Sleep

Enough. Enough bleary-eyed wakeups feeling more tired than when you went to bed. This isn’t one of those righteous blogs that tell you to avoid alcohol, caffeine and sugar.  Nope. For January’s Squint-Eyed Look at Changing Yourself, we’ll grab Morpheus … Continue reading

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The Best Snow Man in the World

I don’t usually enter contests, but it’s all about change…and it’s a new year…so…I’ve entered the Great American Snowman Contest. We’re supposed to use materials in our area. (Rules..schmools…I really didn’t read them closely.) I’m too much of a slacker … Continue reading

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Jet Propelled Airspace for the Face

I was shopping for a new skull the other day because the traffic grid of my sinuses has jammed.  I guess that’s to be expected. After so many years, most things become full: cupboards, RAM, headspace.  The simplest solution was … Continue reading

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Dear Starbucks Peppermint Barons

Dear Starbucks, I’m excited to tell you how your unique marketing program has made us expand our beverage horizons. For the past four years from Canada to Texas, my husband and I had bellied up to the bar at Starbucks—quite … Continue reading

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Threshing Manure

Fridays Brings Changes in Two Pan…. When one of the Woolsey children came banging on our door, Bricker was out seining for gold, as usual. The boy had been sent by his papa asking for Bricker’s help getting in his … Continue reading

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