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What We Leave At the Grave

Recently, I was doing some research for a story and strolling through a cemetery when I encountered a clear plastic box at the foot of a grave. The box was the size you’d store pencils in, but I could easily … Continue reading

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Tell Me It Isn’t So

So a few days ago, I’m at the post office mailing three packages. The twenty-plus-year-old behind the counter asks the usual question. “Anything perishable, fragile, etc. etc.?” “Nope. Only books,” I say. She stops and looks at the size of … Continue reading

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Frankly My Dear….Put on Your Bloomers and Get to Work

Speaking of change…(which I do often),  a couple times a month I work at an adventure clothing store. Mostly I chitter-chat,  and listen to others’ tales.  It’s a writer’s haven for character studies. But every now and then, there are … Continue reading

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Changes in The Last Send-Off

I’ve been absent  in the name of research, spending time with morticians and gravediggers. Thank heavens no one died. It was for a novel …not a horror novel. It’s a coming of age story, but one of the things that … Continue reading

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Power to the Inspiration-Challenged

February Blaaaaaaahs. So a writer-friend suggested that we attend  Zumba classes. Good exercise. Blood to the brain. Juice up the vertebrae. It’ll help our creative whats-its. We chose the “Basic” level of classes to attend. The level of expertise didn’t … Continue reading

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Women, Booze and the Homefront: 1943

“More of your women characters should drink,” a friend told me as we were discussing the World War II research I’ve done for my next book. “After all…those harried women were keeping up the homefront, raising a pack of kids … Continue reading

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Funerals: Know Before You Go

Three times in my life I’ve shopped  for a casket and all the accessories that come with a funeral . Each occasion was out of need, which isn’t always the best time to make well-thought out decisions.  I must’ve been … Continue reading

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How to Be Famous in Your Own Mind

As usual, we look at change past and present. Here’s a current change you may have missed: Ann Rutherford: ‘Gone with the Wind’ actress dies at 94 “Who?” you say? Ann Rutherford, one of the last surviving cast members of … Continue reading

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What A Misleading Sign. It  intimates that a person should  avoid the disease, like one should avoid climbing their roof because both might be risky. Years ago (before children), Cowboy Fan and I dashed to Mexico for an adventure, visiting … Continue reading

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Increase Your Average. Plant Your Lips on It

I’ll answer the radioactive banana question at the end, but first…. Today’s little shocker is: On average, a human will spend two weeks kissing in his/her lifetime. This is according to Snapple who inserts such highly researched statistics under their … Continue reading

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