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Packing for Stormy Weather

We’ve looked at what to put in our packs as we’ve traveled through a Lenten journey. We need to look at what was already in our packs when we started. I sat in an extremely contentious meeting a few weeks … Continue reading

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Hope is a Long Road

I was on a walk a couple days ago when I met up with The Scoutmaster. About five years ago, this seasoned outdoors man taught my family how to do a 50-mile hike through the mountains and make it fun. … Continue reading

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The Art of Lashing…Now We Be Ready To Sail

I know I promised  you all the adventure of driving somewhere unfamiliar and shopping in a store that had labels in another language. It still sounds like a good exercise to fight Brain Drain and help me sleep.  (By the … Continue reading

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Night time Brain Drain

For the last two nights,  I’ve fallen asleep quickly, but then I find I’m working in my sleep. I’m aware of this in my dreams and tell myself to stop.  I’ve  even gotten up, had a bowl of cereal, hoping … Continue reading

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Dogs Waiting With Cats

Even in the midst of crummy news, there are things to smile about. Miss Kitty has a growth on the side of her mouth. It doesn’t seem to bother her a bit. She still presents mice at the back door … Continue reading

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Hope is Chuck Norris

Okay, It’s time for a smile or two. I recently conducted a survey among my Scout Troop, asking the boys the following question: In a fight between Jack Bauer and Walker, Texas Ranger who would win? 99% went with Chuck. … Continue reading

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Why You Should Look for Lights

One adventursome day, my son and I packed our backpacks and decided that we’d hike the 40 miles around Mt. Hood. We pitched our tents the first night at a beautiful place, Paradise Park, on the shin of the mountain, … Continue reading

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It’s All in Your Perspective

May this be a visual reminder each time you adjust your mirrors. This day is gonna turn out better than you think.

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