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The Mild, Mild West and Marijuana

There have been two changes since the last long-time post. Before I tell you what’s different, I’d better explain a little bit, so you don’t click the delete button, thinking you’re reading about a different Universe. Change 1: Now keep … Continue reading

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Remedies to Forget

Patricia Woolsey WANTS a remedy for the 1870s It’s hard to change an empire when you’re stuck in the house. The Daughters of Two Pan marched in front of the whore house and saloon, but we scattered like twit sparrows … Continue reading

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Taking the Moo Out of Flying

“Thank you, ma’am” the TSA official said as he handed back my ID and boarding pass.  I did a double-take and checked my driver’s license to see if I actually had an individual name because way back at curbside, I’d … Continue reading

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