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Check the Weinermobile Off The Bucket List

I really wanted to wrap up the thorny discussion we were having last week, but I’ve got to tell you about my close encounter with the Weiner mobile. You’ve all seen it. That 20+ footlong hotdog that rolls through marathons, … Continue reading

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The Art of Lashing…Now We Be Ready To Sail

I know I promised  you all the adventure of driving somewhere unfamiliar and shopping in a store that had labels in another language. It still sounds like a good exercise to fight Brain Drain and help me sleep.  (By the … Continue reading

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No Hope in Reusable Grocery Bags

I know some of you come here for your zen moment. And I apologize in advance that it’s not going to happen with this posting.  If you need a positive moment, maybe you should go over to Laid Off Now … Continue reading

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Hope is Chuck Norris

Okay, It’s time for a smile or two. I recently conducted a survey among my Scout Troop, asking the boys the following question: In a fight between Jack Bauer and Walker, Texas Ranger who would win? 99% went with Chuck. … Continue reading

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