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What They Don’t Tell You About the Wonderland Trail

It was a big hike.  The farthest we’d ever backpacked was 60 miles, so I spent quite a bit of time, combing through the many blogs and websites, reading about others’ experiences on the Wonderland Trail. Now that Scout, Dallas … Continue reading

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Packing for Stormy Weather

We’ve looked at what to put in our packs as we’ve traveled through a Lenten journey. We need to look at what was already in our packs when we started. I sat in an extremely contentious meeting a few weeks … Continue reading

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Check the Weinermobile Off The Bucket List

I really wanted to wrap up the thorny discussion we were having last week, but I’ve got to tell you about my close encounter with the Weiner mobile. You’ve all seen it. That 20+ footlong hotdog that rolls through marathons, … Continue reading

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Lose Weight and Gain Brain Cells in 30 Days

Are you nuts? my friend asked. I’d just told her I signed up for National Write A Novel in a Month (NaNoWriMo).  The entire month of November was to be dedcated to writing a 51,000 word novel. Well, it did … Continue reading

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Graduation Gifts that Keep Giving

Caps, gowns, and sitting in bleachers until one special person walks across the stage is a popular activity at this time of year. I have several graduation announcements all begging for perfect gifts.  But what are they? A friend says … Continue reading

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Eureaka! It Works.

Sorry, I didn’t wear strappy heels to the Salsa experiment. I’m not sure they would have helped my appearance. There was a mirror across one side of the room. I was thinking Penelope Cruz, but I looked like Tom Cruise jumping … Continue reading

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No Hope in Reusable Grocery Bags

I know some of you come here for your zen moment. And I apologize in advance that it’s not going to happen with this posting.  If you need a positive moment, maybe you should go over to Laid Off Now … Continue reading

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Signs of Hope on the Road to Confusion

Before morning breaks into the thin hours of this night, I came to the conclusion that Hope is different than confidence. Good ol’ confidence is born of success. I remember the first hook I baited all by myself. Then I … Continue reading

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