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Choices: Oh That I Had a Thousand Voices

We Conclude the Week’s Discussion of CHOICES: I wrote this post, then deleted it last night. I rewrote it because, I thought the conclusion to a week of  choices about kindness deserves simple language: If we were perfect, we would … Continue reading

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Choices: Answer the Call of the Train?

The topic for discussion this month is: CHOICES. I picked it because I’m a slacker. I CHOSE to make NO resolutions for this new year. Perhaps the lesson here is: if I make a choice, I have to be prepared … Continue reading

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Canning Moonshine

Yes, even though I haven’t posted for most of the summer, I’m still laboring while others are sleeping. Tonight the kitchen is abuzz with activity. A three-layered metal contraption called a steamer is percolating on the stove top.  The Swedish … Continue reading

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When You’re Not in Kansas Anymore, Dorothy

It’s the garden’s fault. First it was the raspberries. Millions of them, dangling like red jewels in the bushes. Then a heat wave rolled into the valley, and like a Smucker employee, I was picking, jellying, and making cordial for … Continue reading

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God Loves to Paint

Nuff said.

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Hope in the Mist

We’ve had our first full days of real sunshine here in the Northwest. The thermometer actually pegged 85 today. I disregarded my Daddy’s old advice to wait until the oak leaves were as big as a squirrel’s ears and I … Continue reading

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A Ripple in the Universe

I’m not a Ouija type of gal. I knew in all of the pre-pubescent parties that it was really my friend, Cindy,  pushing the planchette to “Yes,” when I asked if Jonathan Bell liked me. As it turns out, he … Continue reading

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How To Welcome The Dawn

Most people do not consider dawn to be an attractive experience – unless they are still up.  ~Ellen Goodman Long ago, watchmen stood on their towers constantly searching the grounds below for their enemies’ movements. They spent hours and hours, … Continue reading

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