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Life’s Dunkings

Last night, I completed a year long commitment as leader of a non-profit organization. Over a year ago,  before I was elected to lead,  I thought I had some postive qualities.  I was a good cupcake.  I contained a decent … Continue reading

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It was Memorial Day. We stopped by the Mausoleum to see the sequestered room that’s only open to the public one time each year. Two stone sepulchers filled the marble room. One unopened rose leaned wearily in its vase, semi-hidden … Continue reading

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Who Said Life Wasn’t a Musical?

Check out this video and smile.

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The Million Dollar Question of Hope

By Ko nstantin Sutyagin Continue reading

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God’s Addressbook Includes Hope

My favorite line in Thorton Wilder’s Our Town is delivered by a George Gibbs talking about an address he’d seen on an envelope. “I never told you about that letter Jane Crofut got from her minister when she was sick. … Continue reading

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Life in the Basement or Life On the Roof?

The Good ol’ Basement I hate to admit that I sometimes find myself in the basement—but I do. Things don’t meet my expectations and I pace  the mental darkness of my emotional cellar. When I’m there, I notice that my … Continue reading

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Why You Should Look for Lights

One adventursome day, my son and I packed our backpacks and decided that we’d hike the 40 miles around Mt. Hood. We pitched our tents the first night at a beautiful place, Paradise Park, on the shin of the mountain, … Continue reading

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Signs of Hope on the Road to Confusion

Before morning breaks into the thin hours of this night, I came to the conclusion that Hope is different than confidence. Good ol’ confidence is born of success. I remember the first hook I baited all by myself. Then I … Continue reading

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