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Laugh till You Cry

Usually I’d rather come up with original posts. But parts of this made me laugh so hard, I was crying. I share it here, in case you need some light heartedness. Be inspired by these blunders. We’re all wonderfully human. … Continue reading

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Septic Tanks for Dogs and Other Things I Didn’t Know I Should Be Grateful For

Maybe it’s because ol’ Fido is now guarding the golden gates.  That’s the excuse I’m using for not knowing about Doggie Septic tanks. This handy dandy Do-It-Yourself project allows you to bury a vat in a corner of your yard. … Continue reading

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How to Survive Your Husband’s Retirement

Okay…feel free to use the subject of this post to explain my long blog absence. AND…Through hair-pulling trial and error, I’ve eked out a few helpful tidbits for others navigating this road. The following tips may help you muddle through … Continue reading

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Another Foot of Leg

Fall brings out my tiny shopping gene, but it never ends well. I peruse the mail-order catalogs and dog-ear pages before I go shopping. I don’t want to waste too much time in those stores which are like buffets of … Continue reading

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Beer Basics 101

We have a saying in long distance hiking. If you forgot it…you don’t need it. In other words, you make do. The same is true for tailgate parties and Beer Basics 101.  When 40 people hover around the grill, cooler, … Continue reading

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Born to Vacation

Speaking of “Change”… Forget This Staycation Idea Let’s stay in town we said in June. We’ll save big bucks. We’ll see the local stuff. Like the Church of Elvis Or the funky 24 Hour VooDoo Doughnut Shop We’ll get a … Continue reading

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How I Became a Crappy Scammer

I smugly did a good deed this past week, righteously patting my self-anointed back and giving myself three good-karma points redeemable for honking at mindless parking lot idiots aimlessly wandering down the middle of the street and chatting when I’m … Continue reading

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Dealing With Difficult People: Part 2–The Kit

While “Change” is an unsettling kick in the keister…we all agree…some people need to change.  After making the controversial…“Dealing with Difficult People” post, my staff sifted through the genius of the comments. We tested each one and as a service … Continue reading

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Birth Control in Two Pan: 1871

We’re looking at change. Every other week we give a sideways glance to the newfangled ideas cropping up in the 1870s.  This week, we’re in Two Pan, and even though we hate change, we’ll grudgingly admit…some improvements are long overdue.. … Continue reading

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Cleaning Tips for the Frenzied (and Lazy)

Spring doesn’t change for me. I begin cleaning like a cavewoman tossing out the bones of winter. This spruced-up frenzy begins with Ash Wednesday and ends with Easter. My family doesn’t notice when I’ve cleaned (nor do they noticed when … Continue reading

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