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We Don’t Need No Book Learnin’

The town meeting to build a school was held in the newly constructed Grubbs Mercantile. Ignacius Grubb has sold mule shoes, single sips of wildfire hooch through glass straws, and tobacco out of barrels since the first gold claim in … Continue reading

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The Hip Life of Gluten Free

At a recent Before Morning Breaks concept meeting, I didn’t have much to contribute toward  new blogging ideas. My staff, Mr. T.Vulture is more the silent-but deadly type—so Mr. Pasty Flour wrote a blog about his cool cousin who’s almost … Continue reading

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Blog Diet for Wordiness

In February, I wrote about The Guilt of Blogging, what would happen if we blogged less and participated in the world more. It’s happened: Spring has arrived. Here in the NorthWest, we scooch out of our gray-cloudy days, blinking at … Continue reading

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Before Morning Breaks…You Can Be Smarter

TAKE THIS QUIZ…What does Buddy Holly Drew Carey, Clark Kent have in common with little ol’ ME? They wear geek glasses. Looking smart is the latest fashion trend.  Black-frame glasses with no lens (or clear-glass, non-prescription lens) can add “brainy … Continue reading

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Before Morning Breaks Considers Changing Buttletts

Here’s a “change” that deserves more than a squint-eyed look. In the late 60s women burned their bras.  In the 70s we cut the aprons tying us to the kitchen. By the 80s we stopped trying to tuck in our … Continue reading

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Dealing with Difficult People

Carl, the Big It, sits at the other end of the table. I’ve planned it that way, snagging the seat farthest away from him at every monthly volunteer meeting. Everyone’s too nice to tell Carl he needs therapy or a … Continue reading

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NOT the Salt of the Earth

Welcome to 1870 where Violet Spinrad finds something needs to change. Alice Hopkins showed up at my door. She was out of salt.  Can you imagine? That’s like being out of air. We’re so poor the only thing on our … Continue reading

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Remedies to Forget

Patricia Woolsey WANTS a remedy for the 1870s It’s hard to change an empire when you’re stuck in the house. The Daughters of Two Pan marched in front of the whore house and saloon, but we scattered like twit sparrows … Continue reading

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FREE: A word that doesn’t change.

There’s a story behind the Two Pan’s Needles, Dogs, and Secrets posted last week. It surprised the woofers out of me to discover that sewing needles were a precious commodity in the newly opened Western territories. It was easier to … Continue reading

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Needles, Dogs, and Secrets

In 1871, Women sew more than quilts for a change. “Can you stitch up the dog?” That’s what every woman wants to hear when she’s cooking dinner.  The kids were poking each other with sticks and into this chaos, Henry … Continue reading

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