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5 Things to Do During Incredibly Crappy Weather

Go buy some spectacular rain clothes.  Polka dot boots.  Wide-brimmed Clint Eastwood hats.  A brelly (umbrella) dotted with wild-looking women.  I have none of the above.  That must be why I’m so snarky during this past week of downpour. Dip … Continue reading

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Packing for Stormy Weather

We’ve looked at what to put in our packs as we’ve traveled through a Lenten journey. We need to look at what was already in our packs when we started. I sat in an extremely contentious meeting a few weeks … Continue reading

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Why Does the Sun Spit on the Ground?

I just came in from the garden. I graveled potatoes. That’s what my grandmother always called it when we prodded the dirt around the plants, looking for baby potatoes, but left the plants intact so they could make big spuds, … Continue reading

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Hope is a Long Road

I was on a walk a couple days ago when I met up with The Scoutmaster. About five years ago, this seasoned outdoors man taught my family how to do a 50-mile hike through the mountains and make it fun. … Continue reading

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Cutting the Cord on Cleanliness

I went to the beach with a friend.  I tried to only listen to her stories and not throw in a bunch of my own, but it was hard. It makes me realize how much I talk about myself, so … Continue reading

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Hope in the Mist

We’ve had our first full days of real sunshine here in the Northwest. The thermometer actually pegged 85 today. I disregarded my Daddy’s old advice to wait until the oak leaves were as big as a squirrel’s ears and I … Continue reading

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The Art of Lashing…Now We Be Ready To Sail

I know I promised  you all the adventure of driving somewhere unfamiliar and shopping in a store that had labels in another language. It still sounds like a good exercise to fight Brain Drain and help me sleep.  (By the … Continue reading

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Hope is Chuck Norris

Okay, It’s time for a smile or two. I recently conducted a survey among my Scout Troop, asking the boys the following question: In a fight between Jack Bauer and Walker, Texas Ranger who would win? 99% went with Chuck. … Continue reading

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Why You Should Look for Lights

One adventursome day, my son and I packed our backpacks and decided that we’d hike the 40 miles around Mt. Hood. We pitched our tents the first night at a beautiful place, Paradise Park, on the shin of the mountain, … Continue reading

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So You Can’t Sleep?

Dale Carnegie said, “If you can’t sleep, then get up and do something instead of lying there worrying. It’s the worry that gets you, not the lack of sleep.” Continue reading

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