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Change: The Race Car of Marketing Techniques

Hello My Friends, It’s been a while. I’ve whiffled away the days: celebrating holidays, assaying my life like a prospector looking for gems, and writing the final chapters of another book. The holidays are over. The editors have the manuscript, … Continue reading

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Dealing with Difficult People

Carl, the Big It, sits at the other end of the table. I’ve planned it that way, snagging the seat farthest away from him at every monthly volunteer meeting. Everyone’s too nice to tell Carl he needs therapy or a … Continue reading

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The Best Snow Man in the World

I don’t usually enter contests, but it’s all about change…and it’s a new year…so…I’ve entered the Great American Snowman Contest. We’re supposed to use materials in our area. (Rules..schmools…I really didn’t read them closely.) I’m too much of a slacker … Continue reading

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Jet Propelled Airspace for the Face

I was shopping for a new skull the other day because the traffic grid of my sinuses has jammed.  I guess that’s to be expected. After so many years, most things become full: cupboards, RAM, headspace.  The simplest solution was … Continue reading

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Prison Camps for Trees

For those of you who don’t live in the watery northwest, you’re probably unaware of the prison camps we keep for trees. Let’s look at Herbert.  As a small sapling he was overjoyed to have his feet stuck in mother … Continue reading

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Happier Than a Woodpecker in a Lumber Yard

It’s Pioneer Friday, and some folks are SCOWLING at the latest change. Opal’s Palace for sporting women opened its brass-plated doors this Friday, December 1, 1870. Construction had begun months ago with granite quarried from Huber’s. However, masons recently stopped, … Continue reading

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