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FREE: A word that doesn’t change.

There’s a story behind the Two Pan’s Needles, Dogs, and Secrets posted last week. It surprised the woofers out of me to discover that sewing needles were a precious commodity in the newly opened Western territories. It was easier to … Continue reading

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Needles, Dogs, and Secrets

In 1871, Women sew more than quilts for a change. “Can you stitch up the dog?” That’s what every woman wants to hear when she’s cooking dinner.  The kids were poking each other with sticks and into this chaos, Henry … Continue reading

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Iron Woman and Duck Man

Another Pioneer Friday and Bricker should keep up with the Changes. That’s why he’s now squinting. It had to be a man who invented the iron. No woman would’ve said, let’s whack a cannon ball in half, throw it in … Continue reading

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