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Life’s Dunkings

Last night, I completed a year long commitment as leader of a non-profit organization. Over a year ago,  before I was elected to lead,  I thought I had some postive qualities.  I was a good cupcake.  I contained a decent … Continue reading

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Writing Characters’ Secrets

  Great picture, huh? But it’s the story that takes you one step deeper in meaning…. When a 91-year-old, Hungarian-born grandmother was feeling lonely and depressed, her grandson, French photographer, Sacha Goldberger,  suggested they take some fun photos. I suggest … Continue reading

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Writing: Characters Who Add Spit

I collect weird character traits in my writing journal.  If I’m crafting a story that requires braided mullets, pink eye patches, and Elvis Presley white-patent loafers, I have a treasure trove of notes to draw upon.  Whenever I go downtown, … Continue reading

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Write More Clearly. Your Butts Are A Problem.

This is for all you NaNoWriMo writers out there who are trying to finish your 50,000 word novels in a month. Study the sign in the picture above.  It reads: Your butts are a problem. It’s  referring to the litter … Continue reading

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What They Don’t Tell You About the Wonderland Trail

It was a big hike.  The farthest we’d ever backpacked was 60 miles, so I spent quite a bit of time, combing through the many blogs and websites, reading about others’ experiences on the Wonderland Trail. Now that Scout, Dallas … Continue reading

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Packing for Stormy Weather

We’ve looked at what to put in our packs as we’ve traveled through a Lenten journey. We need to look at what was already in our packs when we started. I sat in an extremely contentious meeting a few weeks … Continue reading

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Healing Balm in My Suitcase

I recently read a book by a school teacher of 35 years. In Positive Words Powerful Results, Hal Urban shared the difference he saw in students when he stood by the door and greeted each by name as they entered … Continue reading

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Choices: Oh That I Had a Thousand Voices

We Conclude the Week’s Discussion of CHOICES: I wrote this post, then deleted it last night. I rewrote it because, I thought the conclusion to a week of  choices about kindness deserves simple language: If we were perfect, we would … Continue reading

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Choices: The Grumpy Factor

This week we’re looking at CHOICES “Kindness is in our power, even when fondness is not.” ~Samuel Johnson This experiment in choosing  “flash-kindness” as Roxie so brilliantly labeled it, is netting unusual results (which I’ll talk about tomorrow). But TONIGHT, … Continue reading

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Choices: I Ear You

Here’s the thing I’ve noticed about kindnesses. I’m more inspired by what you all have told me you’ve done, than my own drops in the bucket of good will. It seems that several of you have offered your time and … Continue reading

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