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Front Row Seats If You Answer the Call

The phone rang at 12:30 am. Two rings. It jolted me upright. But when I picked it up, there was only a dial tone. Probably a wrong number.  Maybe someone grabbed the caller’s phone and shut it off, exclaiming, “Good … Continue reading

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When You’re Not in Kansas Anymore, Dorothy

It’s the garden’s fault. First it was the raspberries. Millions of them, dangling like red jewels in the bushes. Then a heat wave rolled into the valley, and like a Smucker employee, I was picking, jellying, and making cordial for … Continue reading

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God Loves to Paint

Nuff said.

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A Ripple in the Universe

I’m not a Ouija type of gal. I knew in all of the pre-pubescent parties that it was really my friend, Cindy,  pushing the planchette to “Yes,” when I asked if Jonathan Bell liked me. As it turns out, he … Continue reading

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Hope Will Blow Back to You/You Know It Will

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