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Three Dinkin’ Outhouses in 2000 Miles

Welcome To Pioneer Friday In Two Pan A quick peek into why the folks of  Two Pan Are so stubborn…Uncommon… And sometimes…Up All Night. (See the sidebar to learn more about the wild and all-warts-revealed fictional Oregon pioneer town) Violet … Continue reading

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Toilet Bowl Customs Vary

Great Piles of Porcelain Thrones!!! Who would’ve thought the last post would be so packed with helpful tidbits of toilet usage, and other useful crap? It seems that a lot of you take toilet bowl sanitation as serious part of … Continue reading

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We Take Toilet Sanitation Seriously

After reading Murrmurrs hilariously correct method to wash one’s hands and wipe one’s butt (not necessarily in that order), I feel emboldened to write about a problem that has long bothered me. Every stall in a woman’s public restroom comes … Continue reading

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