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The Mild, Mild West and Marijuana

There have been two changes since the last long-time post. Before I tell you what’s different, I’d better explain a little bit, so you don’t click the delete button, thinking you’re reading about a different Universe. Change 1: Now keep … Continue reading

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The Post I’ve Dreaded To Write

For new subscribers, you’ll interested to know the theme of this blog examines CHANGE. Sprinkling our life-adaptations with humor makes them easier to swallow or at least…creates some head-smacking moments of epiphany. I’ve discovered, looking at the past, puts a … Continue reading

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Birth Control in Two Pan: 1871

We’re looking at change. Every other week we give a sideways glance to the newfangled ideas cropping up in the 1870s.  This week, we’re in Two Pan, and even though we hate change, we’ll grudgingly admit…some improvements are long overdue.. … Continue reading

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We Don’t Need No Book Learnin’

The town meeting to build a school was held in the newly constructed Grubbs Mercantile. Ignacius Grubb has sold mule shoes, single sips of wildfire hooch through glass straws, and tobacco out of barrels since the first gold claim in … Continue reading

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Slake Your Thirst at the Salt Lick

Change roils through Two Pan on Pioneer Friday-1870 Grand Opening of the Salt Lick Saloon Events promise to become more heated with the Salt Lick Saloon’s move from canvas tents to a new wooden building. Owner, Silky Sue, hired settlers … Continue reading

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