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Can’t See The Light   

I have a trick to keep me buoyed during this dark time of season. I cut off the tops of onions (just the green parts) and use them in stews and tummy-warming casseroles. Then I stick the bulbs in about … Continue reading

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Change Your Mood With the Right Shoes

There is a gumpy little saying cruising the internet. It’s all over facebook, adorned with rainbows or kittens. To be a rebel, I’m attaching my saddle oxfords to it…or I would if I had any. First…the saying. If you are … Continue reading

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It’s the Worry that Gets You, Not the Lack of Sleep

As the holidays approach, you may find yourself awake in the thin hours of the morning: Worry: 1) to harass by tearing, biting or snapping, especially at the throat. 2)  to touch or disturb something repeatedly.(Merriam-Webster) Action Dale Carnegie said, … Continue reading

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Writing Characters’ Secrets

  Great picture, huh? But it’s the story that takes you one step deeper in meaning…. When a 91-year-old, Hungarian-born grandmother was feeling lonely and depressed, her grandson, French photographer, Sacha Goldberger,  suggested they take some fun photos. I suggest … Continue reading

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It was Memorial Day. We stopped by the Mausoleum to see the sequestered room that’s only open to the public one time each year. Two stone sepulchers filled the marble room. One unopened rose leaned wearily in its vase, semi-hidden … Continue reading

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Healing Balm in My Suitcase

I recently read a book by a school teacher of 35 years. In Positive Words Powerful Results, Hal Urban shared the difference he saw in students when he stood by the door and greeted each by name as they entered … Continue reading

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Choices: Answer the Call of the Train?

The topic for discussion this month is: CHOICES. I picked it because I’m a slacker. I CHOSE to make NO resolutions for this new year. Perhaps the lesson here is: if I make a choice, I have to be prepared … Continue reading

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Hope is Taking a Second Look

I have this habit of reacting as soon as I hear something.  You know it always merits a second look. It takes me time to shoulder a new habit, policy, or anything involving change. I find when I stop and … Continue reading

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God Loves to Paint

Nuff said.

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Cut the Cord

Scout told me that he can’t shake the feeling that he has homework to do.  One of his friends agreed. Even though school is out, there is a black cloud following them that picks at them as they relax into … Continue reading

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