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Lose Weight and Gain Brain Cells in 30 Days

Are you nuts? my friend asked. I’d just told her I signed up for National Write A Novel in a Month (NaNoWriMo).  The entire month of November was to be dedcated to writing a 51,000 word novel. Well, it did … Continue reading

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Graduation Gifts that Keep Giving

Caps, gowns, and sitting in bleachers until one special person walks across the stage is a popular activity at this time of year. I have several graduation announcements all begging for perfect gifts.  But what are they? A friend says … Continue reading

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Night time Brain Drain

For the last two nights,  I’ve fallen asleep quickly, but then I find I’m working in my sleep. I’m aware of this in my dreams and tell myself to stop.  I’ve  even gotten up, had a bowl of cereal, hoping … Continue reading

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Tell Your Technicolor story. We’ll listen

When you think of it, stories were our main entertainment when we were little. I didn’t have the kind of parents who read me bedtime stories. Now that I think about it, I don’t remember ever seeing my mother or … Continue reading

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The Million Dollar Question of Hope

By Ko nstantin Sutyagin Continue reading

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Words That Keep You From Giving Up

I’ve had a lot of lessons in the past week about giving up. As newspapers and magazines shrink, so has my freelance work.  What does it matter? I ask myself. My words won’t change the world.  I put myself in … Continue reading

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Hope: No Experience Necessary

Okay, I said that I’d make February, a month to Step Out of my self and pay attention to others. I had the perfect opportunity, yesterday when I went to visit a friend in Rehab. She had just finished with … Continue reading

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More Ideas When You Can’t Sleep

Okay, we agreed that instead of staring at a dark ceiling or kicking the sheets off the end of the bed when you can’t sleep, we’d get up and do something creative. Something constructive. Here’s a great idea. Just reach … Continue reading

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What a way to Query

I was telling Lisa that right now queries seemed like little arrows that I was sending out, only to have them return with a bit of pain. One solution is not to send out anything. Boo Hiss! That’s a sure … Continue reading

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