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Good Night, Oregon

Hope and Hometown Series: Book 1

A tender, humorous novel of growth, renewal, and finding oneself in the maelstrom of life.


In 1997, Rain, Oregon native Sophia Bolton wants to fulfill her lifelong goal of saving humanity. To do so, she knows she needs to escape Rain and its quirky collection of buried secrets, the convent, a jailbird, a buffalo, and crazy neighbors. Though her family–and their collective, perpetual messes–keep  pulling her back to Oregon, Sophia is certain she can overcome the obstacles in her way to finally finish a college degree.

One night, in order to vent her frustrations with the constant struggle she walks, Sophia makes a secret broadcast on the campus radio station. The secret becomes an obsession, and the airwaves soon become her own verbal diary, offering unseen listeners advice on how to survive the crazy, comical trials in growing into a functioning adult. What does becoming an adult mean? Why can’t she stop pirating the airwaves? And who is really listening?