Pioneer Posts About Two Pan

Two Pan, Oregon on Pioneer Posts

Is there a Two Pan, Oregon?

George Washington truth? Not anymore.  In the 1850s, it was a gold mining camp. Now it’s a simple footpath into the mighty Eagle Cap Mountains.

In doing research for my novel, I was inspired by the bald-faced honesty and gut-clenching bravery (or sometimes stupidity) of miners and settlers in the area.

It may surprise you to find the novel is actually set in 2011—with the 5th generation of settlers. It’s a modern-day story you’ll find taking place across the U.S.: a small, old community is trying to keep its culture and land from urban invaders.

Intermittently in this blog, you’ll see what sculpted this contrary-natured, close-knit community. You’ll meet the original settlers and see it wasn’t all ugly shoes and humorless sweat before sunrise.

Join me; we’ll take a personal squint at 1850s history…you’ll see why Two Pan folks are stubborn, a bubble off level….And sometimes…a little sleepless.

Let the lies begin……

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3 Responses to Pioneer Posts About Two Pan

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  3. Spectra says:

    I’ve signed up for the ride! From what little I’ve already read, this novel will be a HUGE hit! I see you on Oprah’s, wait…she moved. On her new couch. Give me a SHOUT OUT when you get there, please!


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