Two Pan Series

A Humorous, Dark Search
Through Community and Family

Book 1 in the Two Pan Series

  •  Everybody in Two Pan Has a SecretCantankerous Parents
  • Years of Traditions
  • Community Chinwaggers in a tiny town that’s moving on with progress.

After forty-five years, what if everything you knew about your family turned out to be only half the truth?

Jiggs Woolsey’s life is uprooted the moment he discovers a skull on his Oregon ranch.

The wise thing to do is to turn the skull in…or is it?


His search for answers takes him through wringing interviews with gossips, laughable and wrenching father-son situations, and  heavy-hearted secrets about his town and his pioneer family.

A story of laughs, family fracas, loyalty … and all that’s in between.

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Book 2: The Lights of Two Pan


Stopping Change

The mistakes. The attempts to fix it.
The humor and tragedy about the flaws in all of us.

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Book 3:  Women and Thieves of Two Pan


A journey in the wilderness makes the reader wonder if they could survive Belle Chere and the outlaws of Two Pan.

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6 Responses to Two Pan Series

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  3. digipicsphotography says:

    Good Morning. Love the cover of the book.


    • Barb says:

      Thanks. Yeah…I’ve known a couple of cows like that. They had as much smarts as a doorknob. Of course, they could NEVER find the gate or the right direction to go to get to the barn…so maybe they weren’t that dumb.

      Liked by 1 person

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