5 Things to Do During Incredibly Crappy Weather

by grefft

  1. Go buy some spectacular rain clothes.  Polka dot boots.  Wide-brimmed Clint Eastwood hats.  A brelly (umbrella) dotted with wild-looking women.  I have none of the above.  That must be why I’m so snarky during this past week of downpour.
  2. Dip things in chocolate.  Use  Popcorn.  Cheese logs. Try Strawberries if you want to be normal.  I’ve exhausted my chocolate supply and am too disgruntled about the rain to slosh through it for more choco-fuel.  I’ve resorted to that bitter powdered chocolate I’ve had on a shelf for 10 years.  Grrr…I’m even more snarky now.
  3. Stomp on a stairmaster.  While not exactly satisfying, it does work off my horrendous experiment with choco-oat bran.  Of course when I leave the gym…IT’S STILL RAINING!!!   At least I”m out and can pick up some chocolate again.
  4. Create something.  Anything.  I’m decorating donuts with chocolate icing.  And sprinkles.  Those colorful  little worms brighten up any dish—even pigs in a blanket.
  5. Give up. Put on drab rain gear and go out in the rain for a walk.  See…it’s refreshing.  You’ll feel so good, you’ll want to have several pigs in a blanket—dipped in chocolate—waiting for you when you return.
  6. Yeah, I said 5 reasons in the title, but I thought of 6.  So what?  Go read Les’ post and you’ll find all the rainy reasons you need to eat for happiness.

May each of us find ways to enjoy our rainy seasons.  (Preferably with fewer calories)

About Barb

I escaped from a hardscrabble farm in Oklahoma. I'm not sure why people think I have an accent. I miss the sunshine, but not the fried foods.
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10 Responses to 5 Things to Do During Incredibly Crappy Weather

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  2. Susan Landis-Steward says:

    1. Listen to all the animals complain about the weather.
    2. Kick all the animals out when I get tired of their complaining.
    3. Let wet animals back in house.
    4. Plug nose to avoid smelling wet dog
    5. Rinse
    6. Repeat


  3. Lisa Nowak says:

    Crappy weather is the best writing weather. Which makes me wonder whether it’s fair to call it crappy.


  4. digipicsphotography says:

    Love that photo!


  5. Barb says:

    Oh Rose,
    How wonderful that you can find the silver lining in the rain clouds. What a great image to feel the light touch of rain on your face and know it’s a restoring gift from heaven. You remind me that I’ve been looking down instead of up during rainshowers.


  6. Barb says:

    Hey, Roxie,
    We need to go over to Rose’s on the next rainy day, ( which should be in an hour). She’ll have plenty for us to do.


  7. I just had another comment to add…take a look at the photograph you placed on this article. See how beautiful it looks! See the reflection of light in the rain on the sidewalk. There is beauty in even the dullest of days. Flowers, leaves and grass are bedecked with jewels of raindrops. The sound of the rain can be so soothing. Feeling it on your skin can make you feel alive and invigorated. When I go out in the rain in light weight clothing and stand with eyes closed feeling it pulse upon my exposed skin, turn my face up to the clouds, it is as if I am receiving a light massaging touch of love. It is hard to describe, but try it. Even the cool air adds a sense of aliveness to each pore!
    You do not have to be grumpy when so much is so alive around you and beauty abounds!


  8. Well, there are othe choices of things to do during crappy weather:
    1. Start a project. Me, I like to do needlepoint.
    2. Sift through photos and decide what ones you REALLY want to have in 10 years.
    3. All those photo’s you sifted through…put them into albums, or better ye, make a scrapbook!
    3. As good a time as any to start addressing those Christmas cards instead of waiting till Dec. 24th.
    4. Go through the house and donate anything you have not used, read, looked at or opened in the past year.
    5. Start doing some genealogy research. You may find some interesting items for a book!
    6. Start writing a book from some of the interesting items you discovered while researching the family tree.

    7. Write a poem.
    8. The age old fallback–read a good book, preferably curled up under a soft blanket with a purring bundle on your lap.
    9. Got grandkids? Find a simple craft to do and have fun doing it with them!
    10. Look at the rin and just think about all the gorgeous flowers that will bloom in spring.
    11. Keep watching for the rainbows.
    12. You know that friend or relative you haven’t talked to in awhile because you were so busy? Givbe them a call!
    13. Get together with a gaggle of girls (this means female friends) and go to see a movie together, stopping afterwards for hot fudge sundaes (include me!!!).
    14. Pick some off the wall subject (mongoose? odd places? zephyr?) and do some internet research about it.
    15. Get out the stack of “clothes to be repaired” and sew on missing buttons, fix fallen hems, repair open seams, replace broken zippers, take up loose waists, etc. You will have a new wardrobe! Or at least one that has not been seen for awhile!!
    16. Make some peppermint bark for a get-together with a group of friends (like Chrysalis!).
    17. Want to learn to knit or needlepoint or crochet or????…prepare a luncheon and invite the crafty souls over to educate you!
    18. Pick a writing prompt and write a story (good ones on my blog!).
    19. Have a craft party! Paint canvas bags, decorate caps, create aprons, whatever! Lots of easy stuff available at Michael’s!
    20. Start a blog or add to the one you have!


  9. Roxie says:

    7, Come up with six things to do when it’s raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock.

    8. Come up with other metaphors for crappy weather.

    9. Curl up on the sofa with a blankie, a trashy novel and a kitty, and just do jack shit for a few hours. Or days.


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