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Flying A Drone. It’s Way Harder Than It Looks

My shortcut through our community college, revealed 6 people standing on the baseball field 10 feet apart. They flew drones to the outfield, then back. This was a class in Wilderness Firefighting.  Here in Oregon, aerial surveillance can be a … Continue reading

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Toilet Bowl Customs Vary

Great Piles of Porcelain Thrones!!! Who would’ve thought the last post would be so packed with helpful tidbits of toilet usage, and other useful crap? It seems that a lot of you take toilet bowl sanitation as serious part of … Continue reading

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We Take Toilet Sanitation Seriously

After reading Murrmurrs hilariously correct method to wash one’s hands and wipe one’s butt (not necessarily in that order), I feel emboldened to write about a problem that has long bothered me. Every stall in a woman’s public restroom comes … Continue reading

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How to Carry Your Fat

Here’s another interesting tidbit for you.  A camel, despite its fatty hump, has a straight spine. The same hold true for a fat donkey.  It carries fat in rolls along either side of it’s spine. But when it comes to … Continue reading

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Writing the Banana Lies

MOSQUITOES ARE ATTRACTED TO PEOPLE WHO HAVE RECENTLY EATEN BANANAS That’s what a recent email told me. So if I’ll stay away from their banana-ey goodness, can I expect to be welt-free all summer?  I suspect this propaganda  was started … Continue reading

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Writing Characters’ Secrets

  Great picture, huh? But it’s the story that takes you one step deeper in meaning…. When a 91-year-old, Hungarian-born grandmother was feeling lonely and depressed, her grandson, French photographer, Sacha Goldberger,  suggested they take some fun photos. I suggest … Continue reading

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What Is It With Men and Shopping Carts?

Next time you’re at the grocery store, look around.   Who’s driving the shopping cart? I noticed this recently on a grocery excursion with Cowboy Fan.  He latched onto that cart like it was a TV remote, and I was never … Continue reading

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5 Things to Do During Incredibly Crappy Weather

Go buy some spectacular rain clothes.  Polka dot boots.  Wide-brimmed Clint Eastwood hats.  A brelly (umbrella) dotted with wild-looking women.  I have none of the above.  That must be why I’m so snarky during this past week of downpour. Dip … Continue reading

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Expectations: Aisle 5

Going to our local grocery store is an experience in open mindedness. On Tuesday, a young man hurtled through the front doors with a man in pursuit.  The front-runner was an athletic 19-year-old and could have outrun the Loss Prevention … Continue reading

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What They Don’t Tell You About the Wonderland Trail

It was a big hike.  The farthest we’d ever backpacked was 60 miles, so I spent quite a bit of time, combing through the many blogs and websites, reading about others’ experiences on the Wonderland Trail. Now that Scout, Dallas … Continue reading

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