Hope in the Mist

Photo by ToniVC

Photo by ToniVC

We’ve had our first full days of real sunshine here in the Northwest. The thermometer actually pegged 85 today.

I disregarded my Daddy’s old advice to wait until the oak leaves were as big as a squirrel’s ears and I planted corn. Actually, I planted everything. I put in a big garden as a hedge against the economy.

While I’m writing this in the thin hours of the morning, a familiar whisper makes me pause and listen.


My friend from the Osage Nation would call this steady patter a “female” rain. It’s comforting in its scent and sound.  I can recall many nights outdoors and drifting to sleep with the rhythm of raindrops tapping my tent.

I’m sure I can hear the seeds I just planted, awakening and stretching roots into the earth.

There’s something about  a gentle rain.

It’s what hope sounds like.

About Barb

I escaped from a hardscrabble farm in Oklahoma. I'm not sure why people think I have an accent. I miss the sunshine, but not the fried foods.
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6 Responses to Hope in the Mist

  1. Lisa Nowak says:

    That rain was the kind I like–smart enough to come at night. I still got a little soggy from the soaked plants I had to deal with the next morning, but at least I didn’t get rained on. I’ve had enough of that this spring.


  2. Les Riles says:

    You’re an artist with a writer’s brush. No gentle rain here today. 85˚and I just finished mowin’ the back yard. Phew! Hot, but feels good. Have a great day.
    ~ Les


  3. roselefebvre says:

    I heard the rain as well and it was rather soothing for me. It sang me to sleep with its rhythm.


  4. digipicsphotography says:

    A nice, gentle, soothing rain…something that doesn’t happen very often here.


  5. Roxie says:

    This is poetry. Every sentence evokes visions.


  6. marycooke says:

    Lovely thoughts! Thanks for sharing!


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