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Flying A Drone. It’s Way Harder Than It Looks

My shortcut through our community college, revealed 6 people standing on the baseball field 10 feet apart. They flew drones to the outfield, then back. This was a class in Wilderness Firefighting.  Here in Oregon, aerial surveillance can be a … Continue reading

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The Gift for Someone Who Doesn’t Need Anything

This came out 6 years ago, but my 2 brain cells don’t remember it, so maybe you’ll enjoy it again, too. Many of the readers of Before Morning Breaks are folks who’ve tromped the by-ways and vine-littered trails of life. … Continue reading

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Change: The Race Car of Marketing Techniques

Hello My Friends, It’s been a while. I’ve whiffled away the days: celebrating holidays, assaying my life like a prospector looking for gems, and writing the final chapters of another book. The holidays are over. The editors have the manuscript, … Continue reading

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Birth Control in Two Pan: 1871

PART 2:Gross Alert!!! The historical information is documented, but names changed here. Some of the birth control practices were gross and questionable. Please click here if you’d like to read something lighter. This past week  freighter, Jonas Hopkins was set … Continue reading

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The Hip Life of Gluten Free

At a recent Before Morning Breaks concept meeting, I didn’t have much to contribute toward  new blogging ideas. My staff, Mr. T.Vulture is more the silent-but deadly type—so Mr. Pasty Flour wrote a blog about his cool cousin who’s almost … Continue reading

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